Whole wheat Cavatellucci 500 Gr

Pack size: 500gr

Flour: Apulian durum wheat semolina variety “Senatore Cappelli”

Ingredients: Organic whole wheat 30%, water

Organic pasta: hand-made and hand packed

Cooking time:  9 minutes

Allergens: Gluten


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The desiccation of our organic pasta is conducted at a low temperature (no more than 38°C) to reproduce the traditional process of the Apulian housewifes. Therefore, the production follows antique techniques. The maximum expression of this philosophy is represented by our products, made like ancient used to do. Raw materials are the base of our business. EVO oil e durum wheat semolina are the high quality and absolutely natural ingredient of what we produce. They come from local agricultures where no chemical treatment has been used to make them last longer.

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