Strascinate with crusco pepper

Package format: 500 gr.
Flour: Durum wheat semolina
Ingredients: Wheat, Water, Crusco Pepper of Senise
Type: Regional format, natural drying
Cooking times: 13 to 15 minutes
Allergens: Gluten



The durum wheat semolina pasta is made by mixing durum wheat semolina, water and working this preparation in different forms.
The Pepper of Senise has a pointed shape, in the shape of a hook or a trunk; depending on the product. In mid-90s, it obtained the IGP brand (Typical Geographical Indication).
The production area includes the outskirts of Senise overlooking the Sinni and Agri valley. The ‘Crusco’ term is to indicate the particular crispness that the pepper has to keep after the drying process.


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