Sampling box whole wheat “Senatore Cappelli”

Pack size: 10 packs of Senatore Cappelli pasta

2 Whole Strozzapreti

2 Whole Orecchiette

2 Whole Maccheroncini

2 Whole Fricielli

2 Whole Cavatellucci

Flour: Whole Organic Wheat, water

Organic Pasta: Handmade and hand packed


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Organic Pasta: hand-made and hand packed

Whole pasta hand-made exclusively from an antique variety of local wheat calle “SenatoreCappelli”. It is ground by stone according to the real traditional Mediterranean diet.
In fact, the different kind of flours with whom usually whole wheat products sold in supermarkets are made, in reality are produced with refined flours with the adding of bran. This last is a byproduct of the manufacturing of modern wheat, has been added. That’s why they barely have the nutritional richness of flours ground by stone, the real whol-wheat!
The ground by stone manufacturing, in fact, doesn’t split the starch of the grain from the fiber. This happens, instead, in the modern grinding by cylinder.
The remained starch that is still attached to fiber is digested more slowly and increase the level of glucose in the blood to a lesser degree.  This is damaging to health. Besides, grinding by stone, being slower, heats up the flour less than grinding by cylinder, preserving the content of vitamins and unsaturated fats of the wheat germ to a greater extent.
Whole grains are rich in starch, a molecule that brings a rich amount of energy, and protein that are located on the most superficial part of the grain (lost for at least the 50% during refinement). It also contains vitamin B and E, mineral salts, such as calcium, iron, phosphorus (reduced by 4-8 times with the refinement) and olygoelements (such as zinc and selenium). These are absent in white and composed flours.



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