Orecchiette with burnt wheat flour

Package format: 500 gr.
Flour: Durum wheat semolina
Ingredients: Wheat, Water, Burnt Wheat Flour
Type: Regional format, natural drying
Cooking times: 13 to 15 minutes
Allergens: Gluten



The durum wheat semolina pasta is made by mixing durum wheat semolina, water and working this preparation in different forms.
The burnt wheat flour comes from the Apulian countryside tradition of collecting the grains of the remained wheat on the ground after the harvest and crop burning; these beans were grounded and combined with a percentage of white flour.
The current product is different from the original, because it exploits the roasting and not the complete burning of the grain.
The final product is a flour with a very particular taste and a typical dark color that then characterizes the end product.
Special features: smoked and roasted hints that give a feature to the product and flavor each recipe.
Thanks to its lack of gluten, it is mixed with other flours that produce gluten.

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